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Diversity & Inclusion

Our Diversity & Inclusion Labs use a reflective approach to identify where and how you can make sustainable changes to establish an inclusive organisational culture. Our training highlights the parallels between the creative process and embedding inclusion in your organisation. A culture that values difference encourages staff to express diverse ideas. Diverse ideas lead to greater creativity and innovation.

Providing a structured, reflective space for you and your team to:

  • Increase your awareness and understanding of Diversity and Inclusion and how biases can affect daily working lives and impact on organisational culture and performance.

  • Reflect on how Diversity and Inclusion are currently approached in your business/organisation.

  • Develop your own organisational Vision of Inclusion.

  • Identify and adapt your systems, processes and ways of working to ensure Diversity and Inclusion are embedded within your organisation long term.

Training Content

Session 1

  • Drivers of Inclusion

  • The Equality Act

  • Types of Bias

  • Key Concepts of Inclusion

Session 2

  • Organisational Culture and Inclusion

  • Stages of Transformational Change

  • Auditing Your Organisational Culture

  • Visions of Inclusion

Session 3

  • Agreeing a Shared Vision of Inclusion

  • Strategies to Make Change Happen

  • Action Planning

School Laboratory
Climate Protest

Why Diversity and Inclusion Labs?

  • With Diversity and Inclusion comes:

  • the ability to better reflect and respond to staff, client and customer needs

  • a greater sense of every team member being valued which leads to more engaged employees and, generally, a happier and more productive work environment

  • improvements to the perception of the business as being fair, having integrity and promoting positive values.

  • A greater understanding and appreciation for existing and potential key stake-holders.

How long does it take?

Delivered in a structured online mix of direct presentation inc. PowerPoint and video, discussion and small group activities, the Diversity and Inclusion Lab runs over three 2-hour sessions. It is delivered via Zoom with a 1-2-month gap in between each session in which participants are required to complete developmental tasks and activities both individually and as a whole group.

School Laboratory

Who is it for?

This course is for staff, management teams and leaders in any industry who want to develop their understanding of unconscious bias and work together to fully embed Diversity and Inclusion throughout their organisation.

“A gentle, informative, accessible introduction to a new topic. A good balance of information, group discussion and opportunities to raise specific concerns.”

"The IOU team have found the Diversity and Inclusion Lab training with IVE helpful in streamlining EDI goals for the organisation. Over the 3 sessions the team were able to focus on how the training could be best implemented within the organisation and how it could positively improve the already established framework in place. IOU was able to have the time and space to consider a vision of inclusion statement that could be implemented into the new business plan. The training has been a valuable asset to staff CPD and organisational development."  IOU Theatre
For further information and to enquire about booking please use the form below, or contact Sarah Mumford: 

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