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Image of a large room taken from above. Arched chairs with teachers and school pupils sitting down to hear the speakers.
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 Unleash the Power of Creativity 

As an organisation driven by our passion to unleash the power of creativity within individuals, the economy and across communities, we design programmes and training for both young people and adults, from the classroom to the boardroom, that help people and businesses fulfil their  potential and make positive change happen.

Our programmes for young people aim to empower the next generation and those who work with them. They give children and young people the creative behaviours and thinking skills they need to develop innovative solutions to real world challenges and the full spectrum of skills that make them employable. At the same time, teachers and those working directly with young people, learn how to apply creativity and develop independent learners.

But creativity isn’t just for the classroom. Creativity is the essence of growth within industry. A diverse and inclusive workforce is necessary to drive innovation. That’s why our workplace training programmes help up-skill or re-skill a workforce, and equip businesses of all sizes with the creative problem-solving and leadership skills they need to thrive in a modern world.


We are innovatIVE

Programmes that place creativity at the heart of learning

Our Mission

Sparking curiosity, igniting change and empowering young minds. We will work tirelessly to cultivate young people that are the confident, creative risk-takers our future needs. More than that, we believe that young people’s bravery, grit and determination are essential ingredients in finding new ways to solve climate change. As such, we will amplify young people and their ideas, so that the communities around them are inspired by their hope, imagination, and dedication for a sustainable future. The world is changing rapidly, and young people hold the key to a brighter future.

Our Partners

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