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We are innovatIVE

Programmes that place creativity at the heart of learning

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Our Mission is to Spark Curiosity, Ignite Change and Empower Young Minds

As a charity we work tirelessly to cultivate young people that are the confident, creative risk-takers our future needs. More than that, we believe that young people’s bravery, grit and determination are essential ingredients in finding new solutions to sustainability and climate change. As such, we amplify young people and their ideas, so that the communities around them are inspired by their hope and imagination.


The world is changing rapidly, and young people hold the key to a brighter future.

Our Purpose

To unleash the power of creativity within young people, fostering innovation and collaboration for a just and equitable world.

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Our Vision

For Young Creatives to Shape a Better World

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Our Values

- Passionate and Driven -

- Pioneering and Daring -

- Curious and Insightful -

- Adaptable and Agile -

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