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Applied Creativity Labs® 

IVE’s Applied Creativity Labs® (ACLs) give children and young people the creative behaviours and thinking skills to develop innovative solutions to real world challenges, in the classroom or via remote online delivery.

We deliver a wide range of themed Applied Creativity Lab programmes including:  Climate & Environmental, Arts-based, Enterprise and Mental Health & Wellbeing.

Please choose from the themed list below for more details.

What's involved?

Applied Creativity Labs focus on real world challenges, such as air pollution, food sustainability, single-use plastic and waste reduction.  Applied Creativity Labs are for children and young people in schools and/or youth groups.

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What's the process?

We begin the process by presenting young people with an overview of what the ‘challenge’ is (ie. air pollution), we then deliver our bespoke creativity training and give them access to a resource-bank of ‘experts’ from industry, business and universities.

Young people then explore, develop, and refine their best original, applicable solutions to the challenge.

The groups prepare to pitch their best original, applicable solutions to the challenge to a panel, dragon’s den style. The best ideas are considered for further development.

When, where and how?

Online Delivery

An online lab is delivered over nine one-hour-long sessions. All participants need to be able to access the Labs via Zoom, whether in groups in class, or individually from home.

Classroom Delivery

A full lab includes 1 full initial day, up to 7 weekly hourly sessions and one final half day pitch event.

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What's the impact?

By applying creativity to real-world challenges – such as air pollution in Leeds – learning becomes ‘real’ and young people take an active part in creating their own futures.

Applied Creativity Labs:

  • Help young people think divergently

  • Develop problem-solving skills

  • Help young people think freely and more creatively

  • Develop their resilience, confidence and independence

  • Develop their team work

  • Develop their ability to innovate

  • Develop their critical thinking skills

  • Develop their presentation skills.

ACL Themes

Being entrepreneurial is a skillset which is at the heart of every business. Our Enterprise ACL’s offer our participants the opportunity to design and create a product, then pitch it to a panel. Many of our young entrepreneurs have had their ideas scaled up into real-world products. In turn, this skill set transfers into the real world marketplace, after all business is sales and self-belief.


Team Building: is integral for successful ACL’s to be delivered. Participants work together, assess their market and co design products which answer a pre-set brief or real-world application.


Social parity: We are big believers in social parity and social equity at IVE. We have seen our participants set up successful micro businesses after completing their ACL courses, after gaining the confidence to believe in their product and having the confidence to sell it to an audience.


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