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Careers & Employability

IVE open-up exciting career paths for children and young people. We introduce them to a range of industries and inspirational people representing work today. Partnering with schools and employers, we ensure that what young people learn in the classroom, reflects the skills and knowledge employers demand.

IVE deliver directly to children and young people. We develop the in-demand and future proof behaviours and competencies that underpin creativity and innovation, so that they are:

  • Equipped to face ambiguity, challenges and complex-problems

  • Able to find solutions and opportunities in a rapidly changing world.

  • Prepared for ongoing change and opportunity

Skill Development

Competencies young people develop through our programmes include essential skills for future jobs and a rewarding life.


•  Collaborative ideation, participants develop social and emotional awareness.
•  Testing ideas and guided risk-taking, they develop motivation and responsible decision making.
•  Navigating failure and setbacks, participants become more resilient & learn coping strategies.
•  Refining and adapting, they develop perseverance & goal orientation.
•  Achieving and presenting, they grow as individuals, with sense of purpose and self-efficacy.

School Laboratory
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