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Unleash the Power of Creativity

At IVE we believe that creativity has the power to shape a better world.

A better world for you, a better world for business, and a better world for all our futures.

As a creative education provider we design programmes and training for both young people and adults, from the classroom to the boardroom, that help people and businesses fulfil their creative potential and make positive change happen.

Our creative education programmes for young people aim to empower the next generation and those who work with them. They give children and young people the creative behaviours and thinking skills they need to develop innovative solutions to real world challenges. And teachers and those working directly with young people, learn how to apply creativity and develop independent learners.

But creativity isn’t just for the classroom. Creativity is the essence of growth within industry. And a diverse and inclusive workforce is necessary to drive innovation. That’s why our workplace training programmes help up-skill or re-skill a workforce, and equip businesses of all sizes with the creative problem-solving and leadership skills they need to thrive in a modern world.

‘Think to yourself: I’m just here to create.'


- Rick Rubin


We are creatIVE

Innovative programmes that place creativity at the heart of learning

Why do we do what we do?

We believe that when we cultivate our potential, everything else will expand. At IVE, we’re committed to encouraging individuals, staff and students to continuously create, grow and learn. IVE champions social mobility and social equity, by equipping people of all ages with key life skills, whilst opening their eyes to potential career paths which they may have felt out of reach to them. We are aware that small interventions in young people’s lives for example, can have a high impact. Our participants gain key transferable life skills, including: critical thinking, presenting, and constructing arguments.

How do we do it?

We have a 25-year track record of developing the creative leadership skills that lead to sustained innovation. Creativity is the essence of growth within industry. And a diverse and inclusive workforce is necessary to drive innovation. By devising and delivering a range of pioneering programmes, including our Applied Creative Labs™ (ACLs), we work with our clients, partners and stakeholders to find innovative and effective solutions to help make our world a more creative one.

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