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Continued Professional Development (CPD)

Transforming Teams and Unlocking Potential. With over 27 years of proven experience in education learning and organisational development, IVE provides a range of bespoke professional development and training programmes that utilise our expertise in creativity.  Designed to meet the unique needs of young people and those who work with them, our programmes are geared towards developing highly employable and resilient, agile problem solvers who are effective communicators and confident, well-rounded citizens. Our programmes are delivered by a team of highly experienced associates who are passionate about supporting your growth and success.


Participants experience in depth training that covers every aspect of the employment journey; from how to search for a job and write a strong letter and CV, through to interview and presentation techniques and the day-to-day behaviours needed to be an effective member of a team.

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Emotional Intelligence and Effective Teamwork

Explores the behaviours needed in order to create successful environments in which individuals feel they have the psychological safety to be empowered to be proactive, collaborative and risk taking. 

Independent Learners

Educators refine their teaching strategies to foster metacognition and self-regulation in their students, leading to increased ownership of learning and improved academic achievement


Creativity in Teaching

Learn how to embed motivating pedagogy that sparks imagination, critical thinking, and independent thought in your students.

Communities of Practice

Join group reflective sessions to share experiences, gain valuable insights, and continuously improve your professional skills.

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Leading with Confidence

Participate in action learning sets, a powerful group coaching methodology that supports established and emerging leaders to tackle challenges and achieve goals.

Champion Diversity and Inclusion

Raise awareness and equip your workforce to address diversity and inclusion opportunities/challenges, fostering a more inclusive organisational culture and maximizing potential for innovation.

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CPD prices typically range from £700 to £1000 per day, depending on specific requirements and are sometimes subsidised with supporting funds.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs and find out how IVE's professional development can be best tailored to your team.

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