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Donation Acceptance & Refusal Policy

IVE as a creative education provider we design and deliver training for Children and young people
that help fulfil their creative potential and make positive change happen.

This policy ensures that we do not compromise on our mission and values when it comes to raising

This policy governs the acceptance and refusal of donations by IVE (where there is perceived risk to
our programming, staff, reputation, financial position, or brand in accepting the donation).

By implementing this policy, we have a robust and informed decision-making process for all
donations/partnerships/opportunities that are deemed high risk.

This policy is reviewed regularly by our Board of Trustees and Executive Directors.

How we accept and refuse donations
IVE believes that harnessing the power of the private sector and philanthropists is crucial if we are
to realise our vision and achieve greatest impact for young people.

Young people and their wellbeing are at the heart of everything we do. Therefore we are rigorous
when deciding whether or not to accept a donation from any source and follow our Donation
Acceptance & Refusal policy, which outlines our ‘No Go’ and high risk areas for donations.

We have a number of high-risk indicators, where we assess the opportunity/donation on an
individual basis to balance the change we can create for young people versus the risks.

For all high-risk donations we follow a robust Donation Acceptance Process where the decision as
to whether we accept the donation or not is made by our Trustees and the Executive Director.

We ensure that we make decisions that are in the best interests of young people: this means
assessing potential risks to young people, our staff and IVE’s reputation and effectiveness whilst
taking into consideration the impact the charity could have through its programming and advocacy
by accepting the donation.

We reserve the right to refuse donations or terminate partnerships where the activities of the
organisation or individual conflict with our goal of achieving lasting change for young people

What is a no go donation?
Donations deriving from wealth creating activities that are incompatible with our charitable objects
are classified as “No Go” donations. Our ‘No-Go’ areas are donations from any organisation or
individual who has generated a material amount of their turnover or wealth through the following
activities, as we believe these activities are inherently harmful to young people:


  • Pornography

  • Tobacco

  • Arms manufacturing and export

  • Carbon intensive fossil fuels - thermal coal, oil shale and tar sands

Legal Information
This policy is for information only, and therefore is not a binding contract and does not confer legal
rights on any person.

IVE reserves all rights (including copyright) in any information and materials provided under this

Who is responsible for donation Acceptance Policy
IVE’s Board of Trustees is ultimately responsible for compliance with this policy, with the support of
IVE’s Executive Director.

Any queries or comments about this policy should be addressed to the Executive Director.

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